CASE STUDY: National Science Resources Center

  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Integrated Communications

The National Science Resources Center, an organization of the Smithsonian Institution and The National Academies, promotes inquiry-based science education. The NSRC develops curriculum, spearheads research and works on community outreach programs, all to improve the quality of science education in the US.

Market Research

The NSRC retained Patricia Kennedy Communications as it embarked upon a strategic business planning process. Market research showed that the NSRC did not have a strong brand identity. In addition the NSRC needed to demonstrate that through its curriculum, teacher training and consulting services, it has a positive and measurable impact on a student’s ability to learn science. NSRC turned to Pat and her team to develop and implement a multi-tiered marketing program supported by a strong brand program.

Pat also worked continuously with the NSRC business planning group. As the program progressed, collateral pieces were created to support the NSRC Centers of Excellence, corporate partnerships, the new professional development initiative and individual institutes, academies and workshops.

Brand Strategy

We positioned the NSRC as committed to establishing effective science programs for our nation’s schoolchildren.

Tag Line: The Leader in Science Education Reform

The marketing strategy was devised to:

  • Communicate that NSRC programs and services are developed through research on how children actually learn
  • Emphasize the Smithsonian and the National Academies’ endorsement of NSRC programs and services
  • Leverage NSRC’s local and regional networks of educators, businesses and other stakeholders

Identity Program

Working with Fassino Design of Waltham, MA, Pat guided the NSRC management team through the process of redefining their brand and logo. The new brand had to incorporate all three logos: NSRC, The Smithsonian and The National Academies.

Marketing Communications: Web, Ads, Brochures

With the brand identity finalized, the team focused on overseeing the development of collateral materials. Pat also wrote the content and directed the work of the web developer.

“Thanks for the work being done by the NSRC in so many school districts. I just finished reading all the materials and came away impressed by the breadth and depth of what is being carried out. Warmest congratulations not only for the accomplishments but for the well-executed materials as well.”

Lawrence Small, Secretary
Smithsonian Institution