logoHayes Management Consulting is the leader in helping healthcare organizations integrate their business strategies with best-fit technologies for a competitive advantage. Hayes provides strategic consulting, staffing services and technical products to help these organizations be more efficient and improve patient care. At a strategic point in its business planning, Hayes’ senior management team recognized that although the company was experiencing strong growth and had an enviable client list, it was hampered by limited brand awareness among target markets and even current customers who may not fully understand the extent of the Hayes service offering. Moreover, the company’s Web site and existing marketing materials were out of date and did not reflect Hayes’ strong brand position.

The Strategy

Hayes retained PKCBoston to develop a brand strategy program to:

  • Conduct research including focus groups and marketing surveys to understand current brand perceptions
    • PKCBoston began with an in-depth market research process. This included meeting with the senior team during a one day branding workshop, hosting a sales team focus group, developing and implementing an on-line employee survey and conducting in-depth customer phone calls in order to garner a greater awareness of the existing Hayes brand and market position.
  • Analyze and review all aspects of the current brand
    • PKCBoston used this information to develop unique, compelling and deliverable marketing messages that would better reflect the Hayes brand. These messages were tested with key audiences to test truthfulness and persuasiveness.
  • Develop a revised brand position model
    • A revised brand position model was developed by PKCBoston: “Hayes Management Consulting promises exceptional competence, a culture of access, impeccable character and an environment of collaboration with our clients.” This statement accurately reflects the organization’s key differentiators within the industry.
  • Create a strategic brand implementation program
    • Armed with a new brand position model, PKCBoston worked with Hayes’ senior team to identify all brand-application needs and processes. Activities have been prioritized and a new brand identity program has been developed that includes new marketing materials, a new Web site and an internal plan to communicate to employees their importance in sharing the brand publicly.


With a clearly defined brand and consistent use of core messages, the company will be able to better differentiate itself from its competitors, market the entire spectrum of services to current and potential clients, and build and retain a strong staff who not only represent Hayes’ core value, but more importantly, deliver on its brand promise.